Blank Poker Chips (1.25″ diameter) with Labels (1″ diameter)


Blank Poker Chips (1.25″ diameter) with Labels (1″ diameter)



Blank White Plastic Poker Chip (1.25″ diameter) with Round Self Adhesive Labels (1″ diameter) on 1 sheet of label paper.

Print Your Own Custom Poker Chips!

ONE kit will include:
• 63 White Plastic Blank Poker Chips, each measures: 1.25″ Diameter
• 63 Round 1″ Diameter Permanent Adhesive Sticker Labels on One 8.5″x11″ Sheet, Matte Finish for indoor use printing on your Laser or Ink Jet Printer.

Buy extra sticker sheets to make 2-sided chips or…just in case!

NOTE: Need a FREE Word Template? Contact us after you order and we will send it FREE!

ADVICE: Experiment on regular paper to test the results. The template only provides the spacing for the rectangle which contains the circle, it does not provide for circular printing. Test print on regular paper before you use your sticker sheet, then hold it up to a light to see if it aligns properly. Labels this small can NOT always produce precise results on all printers.