Prints From Your File


Prints From Your File, Get a Full Color Print Made from Your Artwork File(s) and choose to have us mount the print onto your item as well!


Prints From Your File – Custom Prints Made from Your File

How to Order Prints From Your File to be mounted by you, or mounted by us:

Choose from:
– PRINT ONLY for you to mount onto your own Game Board or Box Top or Box Bottom: includes 1 Gloss Print ONLY of your choice from your file.
– PRINT WITH MOUNTING for us to mount onto a Game Boards or Box Top or Box Bottom: includes 1 Gloss Print mounted on your item from your file

Order a print only and mount it yourself. Or, order a print that is mounted onto the item that you select so you can receive an item that is ready out of the box.

See specifications & printing requirements and cutting & mounting instructions.

Note: We want it to be perfect for you as well as you do! Though we do our best to do so, please keep in mind that all Prototype printing is mounted by hand. Also, we are printing your file(s) and it is expected that you have checked all submitted files for color accuracy including the proofs that will be sent to you for review/approval.

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